Scanned_Image / 2015



  Scanned_Image / 2x scanner, 2x webcam, computer, printer, shredder, 2x amp, 11x speaker, Arduino, sound card / 2015 


Scanned_Image / 2x scanner, 2x webcam / 2015

                                                             Scanned_Image / LAB 30exhibition / Augsburg 2015 / Germany

    Scanned_Image / 77 random prints / 2015


techdraft_scanned Image_15_09

Hardware circuit project / Marcelina Wellmer


Scanned_Image / Pure Data / programming: Gösta Wellmer/ 2015


The work “Scanned_Image” is a circuit of random, technical occurrences. Two scanners are scanning each other – every time in a different, random resolution and at a different point in time. Two webcams relay the scanning process to the monitor and the printer reproduces the image of the scanners’ encounter. An office lamp, flickering along with the process of printing, amplifies the visual noise. The last device in the chain is a shredder – you can take the produced image with you or instantly destroy it.
Another element of the work is sound. Piezo and magnetic microphones attached to the technical devices collect their emitted sounds and electrical fields. The signals get amplified directly through twelve speakers in various frequencies and intensity. In parallel the sound gets processed by software on the computer, controlling the office light and creating a looping and feedbacking soundscape. The machines and devices are functioning in an independent, autonomous circuit, making the human factor obsolete. Humans can only take control by taking or destroying the resulting images of this automated process. But the next image is always already in production.
This materialization of images brings the process of remediation to another level. In the age of overabundance of artificial images it seems to be more interesting to focus on the underlying structure of their making, thanks on their actual content. Therefore, the devices, once called peripheral, are engaged in their reciprocal communication, independently and self-sufficiently.