Poetry Machine / 2013

Poetry Machine / music stand, speakers, distance sensor, DIY mp3 platin / 2013

Poetry Machine / Music stand, speakers, distance sensor, DIY mp3 

Poetry Machine / Music stand, speakers, distance sensor, DIY mp3 / ICI Berlin exhibition view / 2013

Poetry Machine / audio&video documentation / ICI Berlin / 2013

Poetry Machine is mixing randomly two poems by William Blake: Little Girl Lost and Little Boy Lost. The poems are read out loud by the machine – every time the reading is launched, it may be different due to an algorithm responsible for using the particular verse from the database.The artificial voices are synthesized by computer software. The human body influences and interacts with the machine – based on the distance of the listener to the object, the voices are changing, changing in volume, mixing the sentences, getting destroyed. The work plays with the sensibility of machines, the fragility of digital memory and the interaction between human body and artificial object.