Missing Files / 2012 – 2013

Missing File 01_02_03_04 / move (loop), MDF boxes / variables arrangement / 2012

Missing File 01_02_ / move (loop), MDF boxes / variables arrangement / 2012  

Missing File 01_02_ / move (loop) /2012


Missing Files / computer, burnt paper  /2012

Missing File 01_02_03_04 (..) / Oil on canvas, formed / plastic boxes – variables arrangement  / 2013

Missing File 01_02_03_04 / Oil on canvas, formed in plastic boxes – variables arrangement / 2013

Missing File 06_07_ / oil on canvas / 150 x 150 cm & 160 x 210 cm / exhibition view Staycation Museum / 2013

In the series “Missing Files” the artist uses left overs of it’s own digital production. Old video project files that got corrupted by copying them too often become the foundation for new paintings, objects and video-installations. The videosoftware replaces missing files with “screen mates”, the former composed animations and cuts stay intact.

E.Wojtowicz, PhD,  about “Missing Files” series.

“The noise in Marcelina Wellmer’s works is audiovisual, particularly in the series Missing Files (2011- 2013), that consists of screens with digital images and painted canvas.This work is inspired by the incompatibility of files, caused by the numerous copying operations within a computer. The illegible remains of audiovisual projects are revealed and processed, so the categories change completely: both paintings and digital images lose their functionality, receiving different features. The processing of rejected and damaged components is a strategy of cultural garbology, based on re-using the content of the digital rubbish. As a result of using the redundant data, both digital images and regular paintings are remediated and shifted into a new aesthetical dimension.”