Destroyed / 2011

Destroyed 01 / acrylic on canvas / video on canvas / sound / 2 pieces 150 x 150 cm / 2011

The works from the series Destroyed (2011) are diptychs, consisting of two parts: one is a regular painting, another one is a digital moving image (times by chance, processing). The processed images of industrial cityscapes and architecture become slowly dispersed, due to the projection onto the canvas. The unstable ontology of those images calls in question the cohesion of both the picture and the viewer’s experience. At the same time, the initial framework of architecture is displaced and because of the image’s transgression, disappears in the visual noise.

Destroyed 01 / exhibition view / Hoffman + Weiss Gallery / Berlin 2011

Destroyed 02 / exhibition view / Hoffman + Weiss Gallery / Berlin, 2011